What Matters to Me

When you’ve been blessed, you can and should be a blessing to others. It is important to spread what you know and what you love to those around you. For that reason, I’ve started my own philanthropic efforts through two initiatives:


Holiday Dinner with My Sister’s Place


Joining ranks with the oldest domestic violence shelter in the district is an effort that hits close to home for me, since I too was involved in an abusive relationship. I’ve turned her pain into a joy that I share with the women of My Sister’s Place, providing a holiday dinner and positivity on special occasions.

Annual Women's Diaper Drive

1st Annual Diaper Drive hosted by myself and Mildred Dobinns of Women of Worth, Inc. "Giving is not just about making a donation, It is about making a difference" - K. Calvin

Book for a Cause to Benefit The Next Door Sponsored by Lexus of Nashville

If You Would Like To Get Involved, Email cgb@cgraycebernard.com