C. Grayce Bernard delivers a powerful, uncut and transformational message that reaches single mothers across all spectrums.

Are you looking for a dynamic speaker to highlight the possibility and successes of single female parents? Do you need a speaker who can empower your audience to rise above their barriers while elevating their children in the process?  Are you looking to be moved by a transparent conversationalist? If you are, I would love to speak to your group!


Building Giants: Raising Successful, Empowered Children as a Single Parent
How to raise successful, empowered children even if you’re raising them alone - a testament on how single mothers can be the best parents possible despite their perceived barriers.

Pure Silver, Fine Gold: Embracing Your Self-Worth to Transform Your Life
YOU are worthy and YOU are worth it. You can reach for something greater because you deserve something greater for yourself, no matter what you’ve been through. In this talk I discuss how you can learn to love yourself and accept your gifts.

Punching Fear in the Face: How I Dug Deep & Found My Inner Strength
Sometimes you have to do the unreasonable to get to your next level. This talk is a powerful testimony of faith and digging deep to help you find your inner strength.

Keeping Crazy to a Minimum: Successful Coping Strategies for Single Moms
This actionable talk will empower the single mother and reaffirm her value as a mother, caregiver, and leader in the home. Moms really can do it all. Learn how.


If you would like for me to tailor a talk to your audience, or discuss speaking to your next group, email inquiries to cgb@cgraycebernard.com