In “Raising Giants: Repurposing The Life of The Single Mother,” I share principles, insights and deep wisdom on raising children to be giants and allowing them to live up to the giant expectations.  

Why I Wrote this Book

Raising Giants is a transparent and radical approach to addressing the unspoken barriers that stare single mothers so intimately in the face. It empowers you to be courageous as you encounter some of life's toughest moments. Each giant strategy will encourage you to find the fortitude to step to the challenge.

I wrote Raising Giants because I was tired of seeing the same overwrought statistics and hearing the same stale stories about the plight of single moms. I wanted to share a new perspective - my personal story of beating the odds, becoming a well-respected, wildly successful business owner and setting an example for my children. In the book I share lessons from my journey about how to persevere, how to raise strong children even if you're doing it alone and how to find yourself again because as mothers who are always juggling, it can be easy to drop a ball, and lose yourself.

What People Are Saying About Raising Giants


From the beginning Ms. C. Grayce Bernard captured my attention.  I had never considered reading a book on parenting, I did what most parents do, I muddled my way through the process and made way too many mistakes. Ms. Bernard’s word are exacting as she describes everything that a single Mother can do to raise her own giants. Thank you Grayce. 

"My strong belief is that this book could be an eye opener for the clueless fathers that roam aimlessly about, psychologically and emotionally unaware of the mounting debt accumulating with their kids."- Raising Giants

Shurman: Every absent father should be made to memorize these words. 

- Shurman Riggins


"I had the privilege of getting acquainted with C. Grayce Bernard this spring and feel like I have met a lifelong friend. She has a tremendous passion for empowering women and a boldness to share her own powerful testimony. She is driven and accomplished as a professional author and speaker. Her book will be an inspiration to so many!!"

- Kate McKinnie



Raising Giants is a book EVERY single mother should have in her household. Not only own it, but refer to it as a car owner would refer to car's manual. The practices and wisdom the author lays out helps refine the strength many single mothers already possess. The author identifies  weak areas single mothers may struggle with, but gives sound wisdom on how to face those challenges. I often see my son staring at me on different occasions and wonder what he is thinking. Sometimes I ask and he says "nothing" with a big grin on his face. While it may be "nothing" as far as thoughts churning in his mind, his big smile confirms that I am indeed raising a giant and "nurturing his soul to life"

- Airiel Merritte


Raising Giants is an incredible guide to the heart of a mother and every woman who desires to nurture, influence, and love a child. Not only does the author, C.Grayce Bernard, teach you strategies on how to raise giants as a single mother. She transparently shares her journey and makes you feel like you’re not alone in your experience as a mother. Each testimony will strengthen your awareness in your heart, mind, and spirit that nothing is impossible.

- Zephanie Garrett