C. Grayce Bernard is a driven and passionate executive coach, certified John Maxwell speaker, published author, womenprenuer and trainer.

With a particular fondness for single parents, C. Grayce’s mission is to redefine the image of single mothers in our society. Her work is focused on helping single mothers to be more successful and efficient leaders in and outside of the home. By employing her "Power Principles”—ideals meant to help single mothers identify their skills, abilities and wealth potential - C. Grayce empowers single mothers to succeed.


C. Grayce believes that its population of single mothers is one of the country’s most underutilized assets. As evidenced by her personal story of triumph over divorce, domestic abuse and financial destitution, not all single mothers are women in distress, in need of a handout. As heads of households, single mothers implicitly hold tremendous power to shape the next generation.
C. Grayce’s message subverts the common perceptions of single mothers by highlighting their success, potential and power both at home and in
the workplace.

C. Grayce boasts over two decades of experience as a leader, coach and entrepreneur. Having retired from a wildly successful real estate business by age 46, she currently serves as the founder and CEO of I.M.P.A.C. Coaching and Speaking Institute, where 

she teaches corporations and organizations how to harness single mothers in the workplace.

She is also the highly sought-after author of Raising Giants—a refreshing perspective of her personal journey as a single mother that includes giant strategies she personally employed to raise highly successful children, while raising them alone.

Through her personal story and through the women she coaches, C. Grayce is working to change the face of single mothers, transforming their perception at home, at work and in society.